Gower Coast Ltd

Access Statement


The owners and staff at our chalets and other accommodation will always
be ready to advise on the suitability on any of the properties for
a potential visitor.

Although we group our chalets into four types for booking purposes, there
are often differences in internal layout and actual site position
within each type.

Access to the site is via either one of two entrances off the Mumbles to
Caswell Road.

Most chalets have parking within a few metres of the front door.

The site is generally fairly flat apart from a group of chalets at the
rear of the site having access from quite a steep hillside road.

Most chalets have at least one step and those on the hillside having
at least ten. However a couple have only a small rise and have wheelchair
type thresholds suitable for a narrow type chair.

Internally some chalets are more spacious due to the furniture arrangement.
Similarly, whilst some have a narrow galley type kitchen, others
are more open with easier access. Some chalets have shower cubicles
whilst most have baths.

Summercliffe Park is situated 300 metres up a fairly steep main road from Caswell
Bay. Parking is available next to the beach where there is a ramp
down to the beach. There are also 3 shops/cafes on the flat ground

We recommend that potential visitors ring or e-mail their requirements
and we will be happy to advise on suitability. We are constantly
upgrading the chalets and where possible we will be incorporating
future features to aid access.